Mat is a electronic music producer evolving accross few projects and monikers, D-sens, Passion Victim, Lunaspice.

D-sens is his actual main project, spreading on stage a wide spectrum of deepoid technoid progoid hou-Zee, hypnotic beats blended with hipps of love smiles and a bit of twisted tricks.

D-sens production are featured on labels like Arva from Armin Van Buuren's compilation, Phunk Investigation's Miniatures records [it], Pena's Flow rec [pt], Baroque rec [en], Open records [australia], Sweep 181, Beef rec [chezch], on his own Bus records, Pure perception [usa], VP rec [israel], Stargate rec [japan], Rococo rec [germany]...

His productions,and unique dj style offered him to play over three continents from the dusty desert of Burning Man to Rainbow serpent via the massive Ageha club or the lush surroundings of Queensland in countries like USA, Australia, Japan, NZ, India, Asia, north Africa and over europe in clubs and festivals along side headliner like Alex Smoke, Cari Lekebush, DubFire, Josh Wink, D-nox & Beckers, Secret Cinema, Thomas Schumacher, Thomas Penton, Kazey Taylor, Acid Pauli, Guy J, Oliver Koletzki, Luke Chabel, Solead, Antix, Fiord, Minilogue, Atmos, Peter Gun...

Comanager of sub machine records with dj Natas for a time he is now managing his own label BUS records, created to release electronic dance music without any style boundaries, riching top ten number three on beatport with the release Cubic loop EP remixed by D-nox & Beckers.
Graduate from the french music school EMC.
He is also organiser of the well known Arcadia Festival with his partners as Aqua-veda, they got now a solid reputation in European electronic music festivals. www.aqua-veda.com

Gigs reminder : Burning Man festival 2013 (USA), Caribbean island (Guadeloupe), Japan (Ageha/Axxcis/Cube/Core), The outback eclipse festival, Rainbow serpent festival 2005, 2007, 2009(Australia), EarthFreq (QLD Australia), Time Gate (CH), The Cross & Bunker (Sydney Australia), Exodus 2005/2007(Byron bay Australia), Luminate (NZ), Dreamweavers(NZ), The Nomad festival (Germany), Gaia (fr), Tribeadelic NYE (Aus), Arcadia (fr), Soulclipse (Turkey), World people open air (fr), Freaky dragons festival (Spain), Freak blast (Portugal), TimeGate (switzerland), just to name a few...

"I defined my music like that: must be nice to ear not aggressive only pleasure, sensuality and groove..."

Selected discography of D-sens

D-Sens “Oozy” VA Chrome - sub machine rec
D-Sens & Antix “Reflect” VA day time - sub machine rec
D-Sens “What u want” VA inspirazia - VP records
D-Sens “Enjoy the silence” VA tokyo underground - Stargate (Japan) D-Sens “Just can’t without u” - Beef rec
D-Sens & Motion “ In motion n sickness” – Beef rec
D-Sens “Life is about true signal” on BUS rec with remix from San D-Sens remix of Fanatics “Girls” on Bus rec
D-Sens “So many” - Electrik dreams rec
D-Sens feat Maglite « Electricity» - BUS rec 005
D-Sens « Ce genre de filles-dub edit » - BUS rec 005
D-Sens feat Maglite « Ce genre de filles» - BUS rec 005
D-Sens « HOA » - BUS rec 005
D-Sens « BHD remix » - Iboga rec – Antix « Wanderers » the remix cd
D-Sens & dj Eegor “Curtis landing” - Open rec – compilation Festivus
D-Sens remix of Prime time « Flip side » - Bus rec 006
D-Sens remix of RPO « leave a drama » - Pangea prod
D-Sens remix of NOP « salt & sugar » - Beef rec
D-sens remix of NOP «Instinct» - Frames recordings
D-sens remix of GMJ «curious calm» Open rec
D-sens « idolatre » - Air snare rec
D-sens « Elsewhere » - Bus rec
D-sens « Liberte decallee» - Bus rec
D-sens Burn remix of R.E.Z « Sunderland » Open rec
D-sens remix of Solead « Bad girl » Air snare rec
D-sens remix of GMJ «Twisted space» Bus rec
D-sens « my soul in not for sale » Fraud rec
D-sens remix of Desusino boys «Tigger» - Clearstream blue
D-sens « Never alone » Planetaria rec
D-sens remix of Solead «Hibiscus » Bus rec
D-sens «Turn me on» Roccoco rec
D-sens & Tarik « Flying to Canberra» Roccoco rec
D-sens & Eegor remix of Miss Diamon dj «Voodoo Girl» - Iboga rec
D-sens remix of Diskoteque «Illusions» - Bus rec
D-sens «Fairy fingers» - Iboga rec «Antix best set compilation»
D-sens remix of Kick Bong «Whats up in this world» - Bus rec
D-sens remix of Franck De Villeneuve «Rising Rage» - Bus rec
D-sens & Eegor «No rush in Paradise» - Open rec
D-sens «Arcadians» - Open rec
D-sens «Sunshine dust» - Open rec
D-sens «Fairy fingers» - West one rec
D-sens «Oscillator one8tee» - Airsnare rec
D-sens remix of Nanomechanic «Time less» - West one rec
D-sens «Eclipse my soul» - Miniatures rec
D-sens & Hypnoz «Catch me if u can» Sweep 181 D-sens «Cosmic Limousine» Sweep 181
D-sens «waiting for the sun» - FLow records D-sens «Anachrone» - Baroque rec
D-sens «his is not» - Baroque rec
D-sens remix of «Detach» - Bus records

Coming soon :
D-sens remix of Luis M - Deepness - ODN rec
D-sens "the wind will blow it away" Aurium rec
D-sens "Exowarp" Aurium rec
D-sens "This kind of meat" Release rec
D-sens "Dargenese-ADE eyes closed edit" Release rec

Lunaspice “Reflexion” Sub machine rec (june 2004)

Other projects:
Cosmosquad “Is there any reason” VA Intramuros – submachine rec
Lunaspice “Texture” VA Travel pack – submachine rec
Lunaspice “Cosmik’aum” VA Travel pack – submachine rec
Lunaspice “Tokyo dream” VA Lighten – submachine rec
Lunaspice “Proteines” VA Chrome – submachine rec
Lunaspice “Step by step” VA Pure bliss – Tatsu rec
Lunaspice “Cylce of life” VA Grenn instant – Clima rec
Lunaspice “Shine the dark age” VA Froggy world – Froggle rec
Lunaspice “Melodeep” VA . – Cold groove rec
Lunaspice “Arcadians” VA Mobilisation generale – Radio campus
Lunaspice “Eclipsed’ay” VA SET5 – Iboga rec
Lunaspice “Moon missionaries” – EPP rec
Lunaspice “Cserpent rainbow edit” RSF2005 – Green ant
Lunaspice “Collective energy” – Flow rec
Lunaspice remix of Behind blue eyes “Brum basse” - iboga rec
Lunaspice “Shamanic century” - Electrik dreams rec
Lunaspice “Remember it” - Spintwist rec
Lunaspice “Electro burn” - Beauty & the beat mix cd –Wonderland 2007
Lunaspice “Electro burn” - Pangea prod – Cheerokee
Lunaspice remix of RPO « leave a drama » - Pure perception rec
Lunaspice « Pirate’s lollipop » - World people – Space pirate revolution CD
Lunaspice "Dark matter" Pure perception rec